Citiwater - Corporate Communications

The Problem

Townsville people recognised that Citiwater (a business unit of the Townsville City Council) delivered water and removed sewerage, but were unaware of the leading role the organisation played in water recycling and water conservation. Citiwater management wanted increased staff involvement in corporate programs.

The Solution

Balfour Consulting developed a three-year Corporate Communications Program, which involved:

Activities and partnerships to promote the Watersmart education program in Townsville schools.

Implementation of a planned media program to promote key messages to the public.

Preparation of awards submissions to gain recognition of Citiwater's world-class water purification and recycling programs.

Implementation of an issues-management program relating to specific issues and special interest groups.

The Results: 2003 -2006

  • Citiwater won the Institute of Engineering Excellence Award 2003, competing against major companies, and was Highly Recommended in 2005.
  • Citiwater was recognised in the 2005 National Awards for Local Government.
  • Citiwater (and Watersmart) was accepted as a sponsor of 'Frog Ponds in Schools', a program associated with the NQ Conservation Council.
  • Over 100 entries were received in the Watersmart school painting competition, with a selection of entries later displayed at Townsville libraries (which have a combined traffic of around 5,500 people per week).
  • Tours of the treatment plants increased 80%.
  • Citiwater consistently achieved its media coverage target of two items per month.
  • Watersmart items and posters were part of the News In Education program, which reaches the classrooms of 15,000 students at 90 schools across the region.