The Bowen Family Day Care Association

The Problem

In early 2007, the Bowen Family Day Care Association found itself lacking demand for its services, unable to attract day-care providers and consequently suffering financially. What it did have was a committed Management Committee and two proactive and enthusiastic staff members. The Management Committee decided to raise funds against the Associations property and develop a business and marketing plan with the aim of increasing awareness of the benefits that family day care offers, increasing the fundraising abilities of the organisation and recruiting properly qualified carers.

The Solution

Balfour Consulting was commissioned to deliver a business/marketing plan for the organisation, which would also address issues of fundraising, public relations and sponsorship. Balfour Consulting was aware that the key skills of those involved in the organisation were not in marketing or business management and therefore developed a basic but thorough business plan and associated operational plan. These planning documents outlined the rationale behind the actions that the organisation needed to undertake and clearly laid out the implementation process on a month-to-month activity basis. The Committee and the staff were kept directly involved in the planning process, and time was taken to ensure they understood why particular activities needed to be done and why it was important to implement the plan as a whole.

The Results

To its credit, the Bowen Family Day Care Association implemented the business plan totally, enthusiastically and to great effect. Within a few months, the organisation had significantly raised its profile in Bowen and Collinsville and successfully sold the benefits of home-based child care to families in the region. This greatly assisted its fundraising abilities and led to a considerable increase in demand for its home day care services, demand so great that he organisation was unable to meet it all at the time. Over 2008, the Bowen Family Day Care Association placed greater focus on attracting carers and by November had been able to recruit two fully qualified carers with others interested in becoming involved. The organisation's financial position has also improved, and by 2009/2010 it should move back into profitability.