Issue #26 - January 2013

Balfour Consulting would like to wish our clients and friends a successful, prosperous and happy New Year. May 2013 be a winner for you!

2013 - Some sensible and some outrageous predictions!
  • There seems to be widespread agreement that this will be a year when the light at the end of the tunnel shines just that little bit brighter. Unemployment may rise marginally and we may even see another 25 basis points drop in interest rates, but improvement in the US economy along with greater stability in Europe should see more positive sentiment in an Australian economy that has actually been very well.
  • Businesses will look to social media as a panacea and without clearly understanding it is just another marketing tool. Use it effectively as a strategic and integrated part of your overall marketing mix and it should achieve results, but simply having a Facebook page or tweeting your customers with poorly targeted messages will not in itself achieve much. 
  • Customers will accept nothing less that transparency, authenticity and engagement from brands.  Expectations of personalisation will continue to increase and marketers will need to adopt customer-centric practices by employing customer insights, analytics and individually-tailored communications.
  • It’s an election year but do not expect to be going to the polls before September. The election will be much closer than many would have thought 12 months ago, so expect to be showered with goodies and lavish promises over the next eight months. Outrageous prediction- Malcolm Turnbull to make a leadership move.
  • Expect sweeteners in the next State budget. Things like unity and Federal seats depend on it.
  • International and interstate tourism in North Queensland will still do it tough as our problems are more than just a high $A and extend to product development, product renewal and customer service. We don’t have a lot that is new, but we do have a lot that is in tourism terms, old.
  • Drive tourism will continue to grow, create issues and be misunderstood at a State level.
  • Balfour Consulting will continue to be the best community consultation and engagement consultancy in regional Australia and offer ever client high level strategic management, strategic planning and research services!