Our Associates

Chris Chappell - Senior Associate

Chris offers our clients:

  • Over 14 years senior management experience in State and Federal government
  • Over 6 years’ experience as the North Australia Manager of major labour market recruitment agencies
  • Extensive experience in strategic planning, program planning and operational planning
  • Experience as a ministerial adviser at both federal and state levels
  • Particular experience in the development of public policy including youth, Indigenous, migrant, labour market, childcare, disability services and community housing policy
  • Experience in community and stakeholder consultation
  • Extensive experience in working with Indigenous communities and organisations across northern Australia
  • Over nine years consulting experience across northern Queensland.

Chris has held a number of senior federal policy and program management positions, and worked as a lobbyist and as Policy Adviser to two Federal Ministers and the Minister Assisting the Premier in North Queensland. He has led major organisational change in both the public and private sectors, managed operations with up to 500 staff, and provided policy research and advice at the highest levels. Chris held a number of senior management positions in the then Federal Department of Employment, Education and Training and, as the North Australian Regional Manager of Employment National, worked with communities and organizations across North Australia to develop innovative and appropriate ways to access and benefit from the then newly established Job Network.

Chris offers a unique breadth and depth of practical, "hands-on" experience, from running annual public sector budgets of up to $80m, establishing an 18 outlet business start-up which achieved a 40% return in its first year, to running small "shoe-string" community organizations.